A Message From Our Supporters

beIN SPORTS is a global network of sports channels broadcasted in the Middle East & North Africa, France, United States, Canada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. After XFINITY has dropped both beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS en Español stations from its channel lineup. Currently, we are fighting Comcast to move our channels in more affordable TV packages where you pay less.

Our proposal is supported by companies worldwide, as most of them have a strong opinion about the importance of the goal.

Latoria Williams, CEO of First Cash Advance Online

“I am confident in the idea that you have to fight for your beliefs. And, as I am certain about the relevance of sports to the lending industry, I am more than happy to give my total support for the cause. For lending services, cooperating with sports channels is a critical need. We provide a large public with insights to financially literate options and useful information in the economic domain through our mutual work. We also inform them of the constantly developing product options, suitable for every need: a personal loans online with no credit check for people with a bad credit history, or 1 hour payday loans for those who need to cover an emergency spending quickly as possible, and many more. Among all, by supporting the sports industry, we have the chance to educate a huge scope of people on the process of safe borrowing, which is one of the primary goals for the modern lending industry”.

Xavier Antiglio, Chief Financial Officer of Bank of the West

“The sports industry is a lot more important than we can assume at first. Of course, it is there for entertainment and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. However, it still plays a crucial role in uniting different people and even nations into supporting one common goal. The globalization principle grants the possibilities of promoting financial novelties easier. Another reason to support getting beIN SPORTS back to XFINITY is the digitalization facilitating catching your favorite game from any corner of the world. By accommodating people with computerized technology through entertainment, we can promote a secure digital financial solution more easily. In the banking industry, we have been dealing with the transition from regular paper money to bank cards for decades. Even though people understand that this is the future of handling money, the scare of not having touchable assets is still there. The collaboration between banks and the sports industry has alleviated the unnecessary stress: people are using credit cards to buy tickets, pay for merchandise, and support their teams. Accordingly, to achieve our long-set goal of educating people on safer banking options, we should continue to support one of their beloved industries first: sports”.

Philip Taylor, Customer Service Director of Ablrate

“There is a strong bond between lending and sports, even though it might not be visible at first. We believe that to satisfy our client, we have to get to know them first, thus putting all of our support in beIN SPORTS’s goal. As a whole, the sports industry generates a completely new community, which gathers together people from all niches and makes them all similar in this domain, familiar with each other. This kind of bonding is beneficial regarding peer-to-peer lending as well. Because p2p lending works on the principle of individuals obtaining loans directly from other individuals, without an intermediary, trust is a strong asset for our work. Through cultivating knowledge of our business among the sports fans community, we already have a working basis. With the grounds already set, we can start discussions, educational processes, and lending operations much safer, which is the ultimate goal for both customers and our team”.

The very valuable opinions above are only the start of the multitude of voices willing to stand by our cause. With mutual help, we can make the reality of our collective expectations!


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